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Is It Safe to Pump Gas when a Car is Running?

Can your car blow up while pumping gas? You’ve never heard of somebody causing an explosion or fire at a gas station, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. We’re here today to explain why it’s critical to turn off your engine when filling up your gas tank. This is where you can find out the reasons that can happen while you keep your car running.

Consequences when the car is running?

Look at the Signs

To ensure your safety, always pay attention to the signs displayed at gas stations. A few of these warnings are to not turn the engine on while you are filling up, to stop smoking, and to keep static electricity from damaging your body. These aren’t for show. They should be observed.

More than a Warning

This is a warning. However, this could potentially be life- or death. It is essential that an engine operates by constantly igniting a mixture of gasoline & air through its sparkplugs. One spark from static electricity is all that’s required to lighten the gasoline.

How static electricity can be generated

You might be wondering where this spark would come from. Most likely, from the tips and ends of your fingers. You build up static electricity every time that you go into or out of your car. It happens especially in the winter. The fabric of your garments generates a charge when it brushes against the materials of the car seats. When you touch or feel the metal around the fuel pump, a spark may occur.

Before you Fuel, Ground Yourself

It’s possible to eliminate static buildup by grounding first. This process can be as simple as touching other metals before reaching for your gas pump. You’ll need to remove gloves if you wear them in order for this to work. It is best to avoid driving after the charge has been removed.

Harsh on the pocket

Driving a car can cause damage to vapor recovery. Repairing the vapor recovery might also be pricey.

This is why it is not a good idea to turn the car on while filling up with gas. By turning the car off, you can fill up the tank.

Leave Electronic Devices Behind

The task of filling up gasoline tanks is not particularly exciting. But don’t bring your cellphone or other electronic devices. They could also generate a discharge, which can cause the ignition of combustible vapors.  

Also, there are a few other reasons that can happen too.

Vehicle theft

Let’s pretend that your running car didn’t cause a flame. There are different reasons to shut down your car, not least theft. Vehicles that still have their keys in the ignition are the easiest targets for thieves. Furthermore, your insurance might not be able to cover a vehicle that has been stolen and will likely not cover you if it is discovered that you took the keys.

Can lead to fire

Although you may never have witnessed it, it’s possible. Think about it. Have you ever seen someone fill up a tank of gas without turning off the car?

As gasoline is highly flammable. Large amounts of gasoline can be stored in your car or underground at the pump. A spark can set these gasoline stores ablaze and cause an explosion. This is a rare occurrence, but you will find stories of people setting fires with their cars off.


While Pumping gas when your car is on the move One should never forget about its consequences. You can save yourself, your car, the atmosphere, and money. Do not fill your gas tank with a car that is running. Many people do not allow their car to run while filling up with gas. The tank could freeze in the cold. It all depends on the weather, your car’s capabilities, and how you feel about it.

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